Mobil Licenses Schlumberger Drilling Software

Mobil Technology Company, representing its worldwide operating units, licensed Schlumberger's PowerPlan analytic and interactive drilling software that optimizes well designs. PowerPlan, marketed by GeoQuest Schlumberger, helps drilling engineers reduce drilling costs and risk while promoting asset team efficiency.

L. K.Vopni, manager of technology applications and data management for Mobil said, "One key factor in our decision is PowerPlan's use of industry standards that will allow our engineers to share data with our geoscientists."

PowerPlan is built on GeoFrame, GeoQuest's POSC-compliant centerpiece for application integration, which enables sharing of drilling, geological, geophysical, and petrophysical data among applications and disciplines. Effective communication of project information between exploration, production, and drilling disciplines improves the planning and operations workflow. Efficiency increases, thus reducing the cost of drilling and producing oil and gas.