Brochure | June 4, 2014

Model 6 Arc Resistant Motor Control Center Brochure

Source: Schneider Electric Oil & Gas Solutions

The explosive and uncontrollable nature of an arc flash event can cause critical consequences including death, injury, and serious financial loss. Reducing the occurrence of these incidents, as well as containing the effects of an arc flash event once it occurs, is essential. Though there is not an arc resistant criterion set for MCCs, our arc resistant design is Underwriters Laboratories® (UL) witnessed in accordance to Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) C37.20.7 arc resistant standard for personnel protection. Schneider Electric is a part of several IEEE committees driving electrical safety, including the IEEE P1814 Standard for Electrical System Design to Improve Electrical Safety, IEEE P1584 around Arc Flash Calculation, and the IEEE P1683 for Enhanced Safety around MCCs. The IEEE C37.20.7 standard is also evolving to include provisions for performance testing for arc resistance of MCCs.