Case Study

Multilateral Well: Quantitative Inflow Interpretation Of RESMAN Intelligent Tracers In A Multilateral Well

Source: Resman

This application illustrates the power of RESMAN Intelligent Tracers to provide significant insight into the inflow distribution along each lateral of a multilateral well.

The tracer strips were deployed in this application. The tracer strips are the brown strips that are placed in the recesses of a specially designed tube. This tube is then inserted inside another joint of tubing. Perforations in the insert tube allow oil to contact the tracer strips. These carriers were designed such that the ID was larger than the liner pipe to allow full intervention options.

The well was shut-in for a short period of time to allow the tracer concentration to build up in the oil surrounding each of the carriers. These volumes of concentrated tracer are referred to as "tracer shots". The well was started up, sampled at the surface and analyzed.