News | January 19, 2023

N2 Solutions Adds Two New 1 Million SCFH Nitrogen Pump Trucks To Fleet

N2 Solutions

N2 Solutions (N2S), a leading supplier of nitrogen services to the energy, industrial and utility industries, has added two new 1 million Standard Cubic Feet per Hour (SCFH) nitrogen pump trucks (1MM pump trucks) to its fleet of trucks providing nitrogen pumping services.

Adding significant additional pumping capacity for N2S, the 1MM pump trucks can achieve a minimum pump rate of 400 Standard Cubic Feet per Minute (SCFM) and a maximum rate of 16,500 SCFM, making them an ideal solution for larger industrial applications where there is space on the job site and good access available.

N2S has a variety of land fleet vehicles to meet various projects’ needs. The N2S 1MM, 740K and 180K Bobtail pump trucks are capable of routinely providing safe and inert pressure services, while minimizing equipment footprint on site. Minimized oxidation allows for the prevention of unintended combustion and other chemical reactions.

Jake Garber, COO, N2S, said, “We are strategically located to provide complete nitrogen service and support from our 24/7 West-Gulf Coast facility and we offer a range of pump trucks suitable for different levels of site accessibility. Our new 1MM pump trucks will enable our clients with large, accessible project sites to complete jobs faster and more efficiently than ever before.”

Source: N2 Solutions (N2S)