News | July 23, 2010

New Brochure Describes Torbar Self-Averaging Pitot Tubes From ABB


Eight-page, full color, illustrated brochure from ABB describes Torbar averaging pitot tubes as an economical flowmetering solution for gases, liquids, and steam. According to the brochure, the Torbar is a multiport self-averaging pitot tube of classic design. Thousands of these flowmeters have been installed in many industries worldwide.

The brochure begins by describing Torbar's principle of operation as a differential pressure flowmeter, including its basic construction and installation. Next the brochure lists features and benefits, general specifications, typical applications, and successful fluids measured.

A model is available called the MASS TRIBAR that incorporates pressure and temperature compensation for mass flow measurement. Cost savings discussed include less wiring and piping, driving down installed costs by as much as 60%. This flowmeter also eliminates need for a mass flow computations, which are done within the instrument.

Two brochure pages describe the SG 2000 Stack Gas flowmetering system, which is based on the Torbar self-averaging pitot tube. The brochure notes that the SG2000 series, with internal purge, can be applied to chimneys and stacks where the dust concentration is higher than 20mg/m3 or where any moisture content may be a problem.

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SOURCE: ABB Measurement & Analytics

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