News | January 10, 2014

New Pressure Gas Regulator Is A First For Cashco, Inc.


Customers of the new PGR-1 valve from Cashco, Inc., may think they’re looking at a new Pressure Gas Regulator, and they would be correct. Available in five different body sizes, the PGR-1 is a high accuracy, pressure loaded, pilot-operated, pressure-reducing regulator that is unlike anything previously available from Cashco, Inc.

However, the PGR-1 designation has a hidden meaning. The initials “PGR” are also a way of honoring Phillip Galen Rogers for his nearly 30 years of service as President of Cashco, Inc. Having started with the company in 1976 in the purchasing department, Rogers has worked his way through the ranks as Purchasing Manager, General Manager and, ultimately, President of the company in 1985.

“We’ve had a lot of interest and requests over the years for a final control regulator for natural gas applications,” says Clint Rogers, General Manager, Valve Division, Cashco, Inc. “However, up to now, we simply had to pass on those opportunities. Yet, we were still getting requests from current customers who didn’t want to go elsewhere to fulfill the remainder of their valve and regulator needs. We felt Cashco had to do something.

“Consequently, the PGR-1 allows us to serve the burner and natural gas market more effectively, while paying tribute to Phil’s years of service at the same time,” Rogers adds, noting the new product will be released during Cashco’s 100th year in business. “The PGR-1 design includes an internal pressure balancing piston-cylinder providing high flow capacity with performance that will meet or exceed other competitive pressure loaded or pilot-operated designs.”

The PGR-1 is already available in 1, 1 1/2, 2, 3 and 4-inch body sizes, with more to follow, and can be ordered in four basic materials with multiple trim material combinations. This regulator can also be configured for operating temperatures ranging from -70° to +250°F and outlet pressure set points between 2 inch water column and 200 psig depending upon body/cover and dome/diaphragm material combinations.

“We are proud to announce the capacity of the PGR-1 is the highest in the industry,” Rogers concludes. “As a result, customers can often use a smaller body size than if they were using a competitive regulator in the same application.”

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