News | January 22, 2014

New Steam-Resistant EPDM Material Expands PPE's Endura Range Of Elastomer Sealing Solutions


Precision Polymer Engineering (PPE), a leading provider of high-performance O-rings, T-seals, technical moldings and sealing solutions, has developed EnDura E90SR, a new EPDM elastomer material that provides outstanding high temperature steam resistance.

EnDura E90SR is available as O-rings, T Seals and custom-molded geometries and is used in equipment such as pumps, valves, turbines, geothermal tools and drilling equipment.

Unlike traditional EPDM materials EnDura E90SR can withstand high temperatures (up to 550˚F) and high pressures, with excellent resistance to rapid gas decompression. These properties make the new material ideal for use in anaerobic high-temperature environments, such as those encountered in geothermal applications and enhanced oil recovery applications.

E90SR is the latest addition to PPE’s EnDura range of high performance elastomers specifically developed for high pressure environments. The EnDura range now includes all major polymer chemistries including fluoroelastomers (FKM), hydrogenated nitrile (HNBR), Tetrafluoroethylene/propylene dipolymers (FEPM) and perfluoroelastomer (FFKM).

“EnDura E90SR is a significant advancement within the EnDura product line because the elastomer material exhibits resistance to high temperature steam far superior to standard EPDM materials, with the additional benefit of being resistant to rapid gas decompression,” said Steve Jagels, PPE global market manager – oil and gas. “EnDura E90SR is designed to last longer than standard materials in high temperature steam, preventing critical equipment downtime and costly repairs.”

EnDura E90SR is now available in all O-ring sizes and seal geometries.

About Precision Polymer Engineering
Precision Polymer Engineering (PPE) designs, develops and manufactures high performance elastomer O-rings and sealing components for critical equipment in many industries around the world. Founded in 1975, with offices in the USA, UK, Asia and a global network of dealers, PPE became part of the IDEX Corporation, a global leader in fluid and metering technologies, in 2010.

About EnDura
EnDura elastomers are the ultimate range of elastomers for sealing applications in the world’s most aggressive high pressure environments. Specifically developed by PPE for use in oilfield and petrochemical equipment, EnDura elastomers provide excellent resistance to sour gas (H2S), explosive decompression (ED) and have been tested to NORSOK M710, NACE and TOTAL standards.

About Photo Cutline
Precision Polymer Engineering manufactures high performance, elastomer O-rings and other related products with its EPDM elastomer material, EnDura E90SR. The material can withstand high temperatures and pressures, particularly in wet (steam) environments, with excellent resistance to rapid gas decompression.

SOURCE: Precision Polymer Engineering