Datasheet | July 24, 2017

Oil & Gas Pipeline Trainer Datasheet

Source: AVEVA

Schneider Electric Pipeline Trainer allows the pipeline operator to practice normal and abnormal operating scenarios in a safe and realistic environment on his or her own schedule.

The more complex your pipeline becomes, the more challenging it is to manage problems that drain your bottom line and expose your business to painful publicity and regulatory scrutiny. Leading pipeline operators know their best defense is a good offense: establish the best possible predictive, preventive, and protective measures — and then make sure you have a highly trained operations staff in place to implement those measures.

Advanced modeling and simulation tools are essential in both developing your safety plan and in training your staff. Many leading pipeline operators have found the answer to their training needs in Schneider Electric Pipeline Trainer. Schneider Electric Pipeline Trainer, a part of our Enterprise Pipeline Management Solution (EPLMS), brings together a suite of applications focused on making sure that the pipeline control room operator has the required qualifications to manage and operate the expensive pipeline assets they have been designated to operate.