Optical Gas Imaging Camera For Continuous Leak Monitoring: FLIR GF77a

Source: FLIR Systems, Inc – Oil and Gas Solutions

The FLIR GF77a is an uncooled thermal camera that is spectrally filtered for methane and other industrial gases. The camera can help maintain valuable capital equipment, avoid product loss, meet emissions reduction metrics, and ensure safer work practices by providing oil and gas facilities, gas transportation terminals, and power generation plants with continuous, autonomous leak detection.

The FLIR GF77a is small, lightweight, and packed with FLIR-patented features, such as High Sensitivity Mode (HSM), for improved gas visualization. It is temperature-calibrated for added use in thermography, fire detection, and worker safety, and can be installed across multiple units in a facility to maximize leak detection with fewer in-person inspections.

For additional features and specifications on the FLIR GF77a, download the available datasheet.