News | October 20, 2021

Petrolern LLC And Stratagraph Inc. Announce A Major Strategic Partnership

Stratagraph, a leader in geological services to the oil and gas industry for the past six decades, announces a new strategic partnership with cutting-edge clean energy technology company, Petrolern LLC.

This latest strategic alliance encompasses geothermal energy, carbon storage, and cleaner oil and gas. Petrolern is an leading-edge technology company working on subsurface solutions and technologies for carbon storage, geothermal energy and cleaner oil and gas. With the combined efforts of both Stratagraph’s unparalleled experience in the geological service sector and the outstanding research, consulting, and training of Petrolern, the two organizations will work in tandem to make a difference in the energy industry, all while providing quality and reliable services.

The partnership has a broad scope of impact, including research and consulting projects, training, software development and field operational service. It effectively integrates state-of-the-art capabilities in geomechanics, geology, and machine learning.

William Hagan, Stratagraph’s Chief Executive Officer, said, “Stratagraph is excited to begin a strategic alliance with Petrolern. This partnership not only allows us to work with an amazing group of people, but it also allows Stratagraph to further diversify its overall scope and assist in providing innovative solutions to the overall oil and gas industry.”

Petrolern CEO and Founder, Dr. Hamed Soroush, remarks, “I am delighted to partner with Stratagraph Inc. I deeply admire their CEO, William Hagan, and the company’s business achievements over the past 60 years. This partnership reinforces our core mission, vision, and values. This relationship expands the range of integrated offerings we can provide to the industry, as well as significantly growing our client pipeline. Both companies are focused on near real-time delivery and are thus an excellent fit.”

About Stratagraph
As a pioneer of the geological service sector dating back to 1961, Stratagraph, Inc. is a diversified service company which provides a complete array of geological services. These services include, industry-leading gas detection, efficient mud logging, accurate cutting, and geochemical analysis, exceptional Geosteering, and much more. Stratagraph is proud of its immense experience throughout Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, onshore, offshore, and major basins across America. We are on a mission to safely provide high-quality, customized geological services to our global customer base while maintaining the highest level of respect for each other and our clients. For more information, visit,

About Petrolern
Petrolern LLC is a leading-edge technology company working on subsurface solutions for carbon storage, geothermal energy and cleaner oil and gas. Petrolern conducts cutting-edge R&D to improve safety and reduce the environmental footprint of subsurface operations. Our green energy initiative begins with making the oil and gas industry greener by providing energy transition solutions. Petrolern’s core competencies include advanced geomechanics, fluid mechanics, applied artificial intelligence, visualization, edge computing, and software development. The company applies these skills to optimize drilling, completions, stimulation, and production plus providing high-resolution subsurface monitoring.

Source: Stratagraph Inc.