Application Note

Plunger Lift Application

Source: ABB Measurement & Analytics
The ABB Plunger Lift Application is built around customer driven, tried and true options. When combined with ABB’s other built in applications for measurement and control, we can provide you with the largest selection available, and an all-in-one solution.
We use a unique set of auto-tuning parameters based on the well’s current performance that continues to adjust based on field conditions. Pressure and rate based options give you the ability to configure a system that is dynamic and flexible. Combine the Plunger Lift Application with other built-ins such as; Gas Lift, Chemical Injection, and Shutdown System, to produce a safer, more effective, and most importantly, more economical device.
Based on the simple idea presented in the ‘Plunger Lift Circle of Life’ to the upper-left, the system will react according to the well’s ability to produce.