Case Study

Precision Leak Detection In Complex Completion Delivers Substantial Operator Savings

Source: SEAWELL - Archer Management AS

A failed pressure test following the installation of a new completion in a North Sea oil producer led to the discovery of a 2 l/min. leak. The leak presented the operator with a difficult choice: undertake a lengthy troubleshooting process or pull the completion. Further concern about wash-out damage to completion equipment made a quick solution imperative.

Several leak sources were suspected. These included 3 gas lift valve (GLV) dummies and a chemical injection valve dummy. The completion also included a new packer, which had not been set, and a lower-set production packer. A plug at 3,827m limited the possibility of deeper leak points.

A LeakPoint survey was specified and completed in under 10 hours. This precisely located a leak in the upper GLV dummy, which was retrieved and found to be damaged.