Produced Water Treatment From Siemens

Source: Siemens Energy, Inc. - Water Solutions

Produced water is generated in the process of lifting oil and gas from water-bearing formations–typically sea or lake beds. As oil and gas is lifted to the surface, water is brought along with it. This water must be treated prior to discharge or re-injection.

Siemens Water Solutions has been meeting the water treatment needs of the oil and gas industry for decades. We offer equipment and processes designed to meet rigorous oil field production standards, and to withstand harsh operating environments.

In both onshore and offshore applications, our experience as a global provider has taught us to engineer and manufacture to oil industry codes, standards and certification, as well as how to meet different design requirements and local operating philosophies around the world. Our international network of sales offices, engineering centers and quality controlled manufacturing facilities ensures close contact with our customers, expedited delivery times and competitive pricing.

As your treatment requirements become more complex, so does selecting the right treatment solution. With our continued global services to the oil and gas industry and close customer relations, you're assured the right equipment for the job, designed to meet the specific challenge at hand.