News | April 4, 2018

Prometheus Energy And National Grid Complete A Successful Winter Peaking Project In Rhode Island

Houston, TX /PRNewswire/ - Prometheus Energy Group, Inc. ("Prometheus Energy"), a leading supplier of liquefied natural gas (LNG) to the natural gas utility, pipeline, industrial and oilfield services sectors has completed a four (4) month long winter peaking service to augment National Grid's distribution network in Rhode Island.

National Grid operates liquefied natural gas (LNG) facilities throughout New England and required a temporary LNG storage solution to supply LNG to an existing vaporizer this winter. The facility was operational from December through March to pump LNG to the vaporizer on demand in order to inject additional gas supply into their distribution network during cold winter conditions. Prometheus Energy has provided several similar virtual pipeline applications using LNG for winter peaking, integrity testing, existing pipeline reconstruction and bridging solutions in advance of pipeline connections. Prometheus Energy responded to the National Grid RFP with a unique equipment solution that was able to pump LNG at 750,000 scf per hour to meet the peak demand of National Grid's network.

"We were faced with a dynamic challenge that required a specific equipment configuration as well as operational experience to complete the project. We selected Prometheus Energy based on these criteria and to provide a safe, reliable and professional service to meet our temporary peak shaving needs," said Zachary Kinton, Lead Specialist of LNG Operations at National Grid.

"The combination of our proven equipment package and our extensive experience in winter peaking applications, provided National Grid with an effective temporary LNG facility designed to meet their winter demand," stated Jim Aivalis, CEO of Prometheus Energy. "We worked closely with the National Grid team to ensure the project was designed, installed, and operated safely and reliably to meet the project requirements."

About Prometheus Energy
Prometheus Energy is one of the leading suppliers of liquefied natural gas (LNG) and integrated gas supply solutions to the natural gas pipeline, industrial and oilfield sectors in North America, and has delivered close to 170 million gallons of LNG to customers in just the last seven (7) years. Prometheus Energy provides several LNG storage and vaporization solutions to the natural gas pipeline industry including temporary gas supply during integrity testing and construction, as well as for seasonal peakshaving augmentation to meet peak demand requirements. Prometheus Energy also provides turnkey fuel solutions to convert industrial users of diesel, propane and other crude-derived fuels to clean, domestic, secure LNG. The company is vertically integrated from LNG production through distribution, onsite storage, vaporization and technical services. Prometheus Energy is an independent natural gas distribution subsidiary of Stabilis Energy. For more information, visit

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