News | September 10, 2019

PTS Temporary Processing System Package Accepted For Use By BSEE

Temporary Processing System Package

Production Technology and Services, Inc. (PTS), a provider of all facets of well testing and water treatment, has announced the Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement (BSEE) issued a letter to HWCG deeming the PTS-supplied temporary processing equipment suitable for use as a part of HWCG’s single vessel solution (SVS).

The HWCG SVS system is designed to capture well effluent during a deepwater blowout when the well cannot be shut-in or capping is delayed. The kit can be rigged up on most MODUs and process up to 220 MMCFPD and 130 KBFPD.

Developed under contract for HWCG, the temporary processing system is on standby for deployment at PTS’ Gulf of Mexico location in Broussard, Louisiana. It is the largest modular temporary processing system built for emergency response and is designed for rapid deployment to enable quick well containment and control.

Steven Parker, vice president, PTS, said, “We are excited that our modular temporary processing system has officially been accepted for use by BSEE. This package will be on standby at all times, equipped for rapid response to an emergency in the Gulf of Mexico.”

Craig Castille, managing director, HWCG, said, “When responding to a deepwater blowout, the mission is to quickly stop the flow of hydrocarbons into the environment. If the well cannot be shut-in or the capping process is delayed, then processing and capture of hydrocarbons is the next best alternative. We are proud to have this technology available to our members.”

About PTS
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HWGC is consortium comprised of deepwater operators and non-operators in the Gulf of Mexico who came together with a goal to expand capabilities and rapidly respond to subsea well containment events to protect people, property and the environment. For more information, visit

Source: Production Technology and Services, Inc.