Quantitative Optical Gas Imaging (qOGI) Technology With FLIR GF-Series Cameras: QL320™

Source: FLIR Systems, Inc – Oil and Gas Solutions

The FLIR QL320™ is a quantitative optical gas imaging (qOGI) system that works solely with FLIR GF620, GFx320, and GF320 OGI cameras. With this technology, surveyors can measure mass leak rates or volumetric leak rates for most hydrocarbons. With usage capabilities at a variety of distances, operators can monitor hard to reach areas and storage tanks from a safe location.

The QL320 does not require close contact with the gas in order to measure emission rates, making it a safer solution for quantifying gas leaks. The QL320 is portable, simple to use, and able to provide field results within seconds. A free response factor calculator is provided for determining how well FLIR OGI cameras can see specific gases. This system is rugged enough for use in gas fields, refineries, or other industrial settings with a touch-screen, dust- and water-tight (IP65 certified) tablet-system setup.

For additional information on the QL320™ qOGI system, download the available datasheet.