News | January 19, 2016

Rig & Well Completion Data Visualization New To Digital H2O's Industry Leading Oilfield Water Management Platform Through RigData Partnership

Market Insight Report Leverages New Dataset to Highlight 2016 Rig Forecast, an Estimate of Demand for Water, and Recent Trends in Rigs and Completions

Digital H2O recently expanded its extensive digital oilfield water management platform to include rig data visualization through a partnership with RigData. The platform, Water Asset Intelligence, provides a digital and interactive mapping solution with exceptional data modelling and visualization, enabling cost effective and sustainable use of water in oil and gas production. The tool provides expansive visibility into the supply and demand of oilfield water and logistics, and with the RigData upgrade, users can geospatially visualize current drilling activity and identify the location of upcoming well completions.

Through this partnership with RigData, the oil and gas industry’s trusted source for accurate and timely information on drilling activity in North America, clients are able to visualize drilling rig data in near real-time within the Water Asset Intelligence platform. RigData’s comprehensive reporting on drilling permits, drilling activity, and tracking drilling rig locations allows oil and gas investors, producers, and service companies such as those in water disposal and treatment or transportation, to stay informed of what is happening with respect to rig activity and new well completions in the oilfield.

“The addition of rig data on Digital H2O’s platform is crucial in being able to visualize drilling activity and the location of upcoming well completions. Understanding the volume and location of current drilling activity is critical to determining the volume and location of upcoming demand for water and related services. It is definitely a game changer for oilfield service companies, being able to make more immediate, data driven decisions on a daily basis,” said client Ryan Tamblyn, business development manager, Aqua Terra Water Management, a wastewater management and disposal company.

Utilizing this new data set from RigData, Digital H2O has published a new market insight report to analyze 2015 drilling and completion trends. The report also provides a forward-looking perspective for the first half of 2016 for drilling activity, new well completions, and the resultant impact on oilfield water demand. To download a complimentary copy, visit

Digital H2O's clients include some of the largest drillers in North America and other leading water-related oilfield service companies, as well as private equity firms. The Water Asset Intelligence platform is used for strategic planning and scenario analysis, logistics optimization, asset investment, competitive benchmarking, and produced water disposal optimization to identify new market opportunities, improve decision making and operate more efficiently.

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Digital H2O is an award winning digital oilfield solutions company focused on developing software tools for the end-to-end management of water in oil and gas operations. Its technology leverages advanced data aggregation techniques and sophisticated analysis to uncover new economic opportunities and reduce the lifecycle cost of managing water for numerous stakeholders across the oilfield.

Founded by unconventional energy and IT experts, Digital H2O seeks to simplify and advance the way its customers navigate the oilfield water landscape, while promoting the sustainable use of water resources in energy production. For more information or a live demo visit

About RigData
RigData is the oil and gas industry’s source for accurate and timely information pertaining to drilling activity in the onshore United States, the US Gulf of Mexico and Canada. For over 25 years, the oil and gas industry has relied on RigData reports for its comprehensive and unparalleled reporting on drilling permits, drilling activity and tracking drilling rig locations. For more information, visit

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