Sensi+™ Analyzer For Natural Gas Quality Monitoring


ABB’s Sensi+ analyzer offers a reliable new solution which simplifies and reduces the cost of pipeline operation and maintenance. It enables safer, easier, and more efficient pipeline monitoring and operations through a single device that can analyze up to three contaminants (H2S, H2O, CO2) in any natural gas stream accurately and in real time. Its fast response also enables quick reaction to process upsets, thus helping to reduce waste and methane emissions.

Mitigating the risk and effects of natural gas contaminants can often present a challenge to natural gas pipeline operators, process industries and natural gas utilities, with companies required to manage numerous technologies and devices to obtain a complete analysis. This legacy approach is complex, failure-prone, and expensive. Traditionally, each contaminant has often required a separate analyzer, maintenance schedule, and specific skill set to operate, validate, and service.

  • Single device for continuous, simultaneous measurements of H2S, H2O and CO2 contaminants in natural gas streams for custody transfer*, tariff compliance, and process monitoring
  • ABB’s proven laser-based technology virtually eliminates false readings and provides rapid response for reliable process control
  • Designed for remote and hazardous locations, Sensi+ offers superior performance and low cost of ownership

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