News | January 15, 2020

Stage Completions Announces Record 221-Stage Completion In The Permian Basin In West Texas

5.5” Bowhead II Sliding Sleeve System used to complete the largest interventionless hydraulic fracturing operation to date

Denver, CO (PRWEB) - Stage Completions (USA) Corporation (“Stage” or the “Company”) is pleased to announce a record setting 221-stage completion, with the 5.5” Bowhead II Sliding Sleeve System (“Bowhead II system”) in the Permian basin, resulting in the largest interventionless hydraulic fracturing operation completed to date. This operation was accomplished in 6 days (41 stages per day) and it was part of a larger campaign where a total of 1,095 Bowhead II sliding sleeves (6 wells) were fractured, placing a total of 76.5 million lb (34,700 tons) of sand at a maximum concentration of 4 ppg (480 kg/m3), and a maximum pump rate of 52 bbl/min (8.3 m3/min), with an average horsepower requirement of 4600 hp.

The Bowhead II system offers clear technical advantages with respect to controlled fracture placement and stimulation efficiency. Mr. Sean Campbell, President of Stage, stated, “With the completion of this operation we have surpassed our previous record and established a new benchmark in the industry. It is a testimony of the capacity and reliability of our fracturing systems. As operators continue to place a high priority on completion efficiencies that directly impact estimated ultimate recovery and return on investment during a well’s life cycle, Stage strives to remain a leading technology innovator and continues to differentiate itself in the industry.”

The Bowhead II system runs a dissolvable ball on collet that activates sliding sleeves. The Bowhead II system has a constant ID through the wellbore that is cementable in place and allows for longer laterals, tighter spacing, higher pump rates, reduced HHP requirements, optimized water volumes for completions, and higher sand concentration. The Bowhead II system provides continuous pinpoint fracturing capability to operators without wireline or coiled tubing.

About Stage Completions
The Stage Completions group of companies is driving oil and gas completions forward with its disruptive technology for downhole single-point entry. Its proprietary technology utilizes single-point entry fracturing to increase well productivity and reduce well cost. Founded in 2014, the Stage group of companies has quickly challenged the industry standards with record breaking completions times. Today, the Stage group of companies is rapidly expanding worldwide in some of the top well regions including Eagle Ford, Permian, Bakken, STACK, SCOOP, Canada, Saudi Arabia, China and Argentina. For more information about Stage Completions, please visit

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