Case Study

In A Tightly Regulated Industry, Sunoco Logistics Uses Adept Engineering Document Management Software To Achieve More Accurate & Secure Information

Source: Synergis Software

Sunoco Logistics purchased Adept to replace its first document management system that no longer could manage the company’s increasingly complex CAD files, versions and inter-relationships along with other non-CAD documents such as maps and images.

Plus, with the pipeline industry moving toward the spatial/GIS world, Adept gave the company the capabilities it needed to associate its non-location type files, documentation standards, and construction files with spatial information.

While Adept was initially used in Engineering to manage and store AutoCAD files, it grew into a central repository to organize and control access to virtually all types of files — from pictures to scanned engineering drawings or even maps. Now the company uses Adept to store CAD, TIFF, PDFs, JPEGs, CALS, old raster file formats, AutoCAD, AutoCAD Raster Design, MicroStation, ESRI shape files, Excel and Word documents.