News | November 16, 2021

Superior Energy Services Launches RestoreCem Self-Healing Cement System

Superior Energy Services (Superior), a global leader in providing specialized oilfield services and equipment throughout the lifecycle of oil and gas wells, has launched its RestoreCem self-healing cement system to broaden its portfolio of products and enhance its service and support capabilities in the Middle East.

RestoreCem’s self-healing behavior enables it to regain its zonal isolation properties and restore the cement sheath against induced cracks, microfractures or micro annuli, minimizing the risk of cement sheath failures that can lead to hydrocarbon percolation within the set cement, or even blowouts. RestoreCem has improved mechanical properties over conventional cement, providing set cement downhole with the resilience, endurance and elasticity to better withstand changes in stresses over the well production cycle.

Shehab Elghoul, regional pumping services manager – MENA, Superior, said, “RestoreCem covers a wide range of downhole temperatures (80 – 300 °F) and a wide range of slurry weights/densities (9 ppg – 20 ppg). Depending on the needs of each specific application, ‘RestoreCem,’ ‘RestoreCem Light,’ or ‘RestoreCem Heavy’ can be selected for use. The wide range of densities the RestoreCem range covers makes it a more flexible solution that can be applied to a wider array of applications.”

Recommended RestoreCem applications include unconventional wells with high cyclic production activities that require specially designed cement, such as high pressure, high temperature (HPHT) deep oil and gas wells, thermal wells, gas injection wells and multi fluid production wells. RestoreCem is also ideal for critical cementing operations, similar to production zone cementing, or where cementing best practices cannot be achieved, in addition to formation fractured reservoirs, gas storage wells and plug and abandonment operations.

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