The Water Curtain

Source: Burner Fire Control
The Water Curtain® is the original Rig Cooling system designed to provide a protective "curtain," or barrier of water between high risk flaring systems and valuable personnel, equipment and facilities.

The Water Curtain® is the original Rig Cooling system designed to provide a protective "curtain," or barrier of water between high risk flaring systems and valuable personnel, equipment and facilities. The Water Curtain® has been in continuous worldwide use for over 29 years. During this time, over 500 drilling rigs and platforms have been protected, with flow rates in excess of 125mmsc/f of gas and 16,000 BOPD. A testament to the effectiveness of our system is the fact that absolutely no damage or injury has occurred to personnel or equipment during this time. References and referrals are readily available from customers such as: Chevron, BP, ExxonMobil, Husky, LLOG, Schlumberger, Halliburton, W&T, and the list goes on and on.

Don't be fooled by imitators. Over the years, several companies have tried to copy the Water Curtain®, and most have failed miserably, resulting in costly damage or injury to personnel, facilities and equipment. The Water Curtain® is a registered trademark of Burner Fire Control, and therefore the ONLY company allowed to legally utilize the term Water Curtain®. When you contract Burner Fire Control to provide these services, you are getting over 100 years of combined experience in rig cooling technology. Our supervisors all have hundreds of successful jobs under their belt. These services have been provided to every major offshore energy company, as well as most major well testing operators.

Every project begins with a site survey. This survey will determine whether or not the rig has the capability to provide the volume and pressure of water required to provide primary and back-up protection. In many cases, additional pumps are required to meet these demands. Burner Fire Control maintains a fleet of mission ready submersible and diesel driven pumps modified to meet the unique requirements of our system. Our systems are designed and built to minimize the "equipment footprint" on space-limited drilling rigs.

Burner Fire Control was most recently chosen as the ONLY company to provide Rig Cooling services to ALL rigs and vessels participating in the response efforts in support of the Blowout of the Deepwater Horizon Drilling Rig. Burner had Water Curtains® operating on the following rigs/ vessels: Transocean Discoverer Enterprise, Helix Q4000, Transocean Clear Leader, Hornbeck Offshore Achiever, Helix Producer I, The Welll Testing Support Vessel Pisces, and the Offload Barge Massachusettes. This represents seven simultaneous projects, with around the clock operations. Several of the systems on these rigs operated NON-STOP for over two months, allowing these rigs to safely burn off a majority of the oil and gas captured from the blown out well. These huge burn rates, coupled with the continuous operations, presented many challenges. Despite these difficult conditions, Burner Fire Control was still able to maintain 100% operational readiness, and performed all jobs with no radiant heat damages or injuries.

Included with every Water Curtain® package is a supplemental fire protection package. In most cases, the fire fighting equipment onboard drilling rigs is not sufficient to provide the added protection required during well testing operations. The additional personnel and equipment, combined with the flaring operations, simply can not be adequately protected with standard equipment. For this reason, we provide large scale Dry Chemical, AFFF Foam, and even Twin Agent systems to supplement the rig's fire equipment. Add to this the fact that all Water Curtain® crews are trained and certified offshore fire fighters, and you truly have a complete rig protection package.

Compared to the potential costs of personnel and facility damage, the Water Curtain® is truly one of the best forms of "insurance" available. High risk evolutions require proven solutions. Our experience and results are unmatched.