News | May 1, 2013

ValvTechnologies, Inc. Adds New Feature To Valve Product Line

ValvTechnologies, Inc.

ValvTechnologies, Inc., the leading manufacturer of zero-leakage severe service isolation valve solutions, has added bidirectional flow capabilities to its existing V1 valve product line, announced President Kevin Hunt. This is the first backpressure-resistant, metal-seated ball valve on the market.

The new V1 valve line feature prevents the load spring from collapsing, providing tight shutoff or zero leakage in the preferred direction after a reverse flow condition. Most power plant ball valves are unidirectional which makes the valves vulnerable to failure when they are exposed to back pressure. The bidirectional flow capabilities protect against damage to the internal components and load spring when the valve is exposed to back pressure. 

With the new design, customers will benefit by increased security, less downtime and lower maintenance. During an upset condition, the process flow can be unpredictable, and in most cases, the performance of the equipment that experienced the upset is jeopardized. With the ability to handle pressure in both directions, the valve will remain reliable and low maintenance.   

“Adding bidirectional flow capabilities to the V-series valves will have a great impact in the power industry, but nearly all industries can benefit from the new design feature,” said Hunt. “Our customers will see a significant reduction in failures on a variety of valves including boiler feed recirculation valves, feedwater heater isolation bypass valves and feedwater isolation bypass block valves.”

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