News | November 6, 2019

Variable Bore Rams Adds New Dual-String Interlocking Shear Rams To Inventory

Variable Bore Rams Inc. (VBR), the largest original equipment manufacturer (OEM) ram and blowout preventer (BOP) component provider in the world, has added Cameron’s new dual-string interlocking (DSI) shear rams to its inventory.

The DSI shear rams enhance operational flexibility with an innovative performance-improving ram interlocking mechanism. Arms on the upper ram prevent any vertical separation between the lower and upper blades, shearing wireline and braided cable with zero tension in the line. Without the need for a foldover shoulder, the DSI shear rams have the capacity to shear larger diameter pipe and casing.

Chip Marshall, chief executive officer and president, VBR, said, “The new dual-string interlocking shear rams are completely new and unique in the industry, complying with upcoming Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement (BSEE) requirements for Outer Continental Shelf (OCS) drilling platforms. The shearing capability of the new DSI rams far surpasses that of any other rams on the market, providing a valuable extra layer of safety to operations on site.”

The DSI shear rams are available in 13-5/8 in. 3-10 M Cameron U/UM BOPs.

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Source: Variable Bore Rams Inc.