Veritas DGC Unveils New Data Visualization Center

Veritas DGC has unveiled its new, state-of-the-art Visualization Center, allowing teams of explorationists to view and interpret large volumes of complex 3D geophysical data used in oil and gas exploration.

"The center provides the ability to display and manipulate massive amounts of 3D data covering large geographic regions, which gives a real advantage in establishing the 'big picture' in the reconnaissance stage of the exploration process," says Dale Bowering, Vice President of Business Development for Veritas Marine Surveys. "A lot of ground can be covered very quickly, producing results in a fraction of the time taken using conventional methods."

Veritas DGC's Data Visualization Center.

Powered by a Silicon Graphics Onyx2 RealityMonster supercomputer, the center includes a main workroom theater with an 18-by-7 ft rear projection viewing screen, as well as four private interpretation/visualization workrooms, allowing multiple teams to work simultaneously. It is said to be ideal for fostering collaboration among multi-disciplinary geoscience teams working on exploration and production problems.

"Many different types of geoscientific data can be co-rendered in a setting where the whole asset team can view and manipulate the data together," says Bowering. "This provides the benefit of different perspectives to create better interpretations and solutions."

The center utilizes the latest interpretation software and hardware, so data can be viewed and interpreted in fundamentally new ways. This allows teams to solve complex interpretation problems through manipulation of the 3D volume, rather than by the conventional, line-by-line method. This translates into better interpretation of more data in less time, with higher confidence in the result.

In addition to enhanced quality and productivity in data evaluation, cost savings can also be realized through the visualization center's data quality control capabilities. Utilizing the high-speed fiber link with Veritas' NEC supercomputers, the center allows for data quality control throughout the processing stage, where potential problems can be identified and resolved early, saving the clients time and money. The center is already being put to work providing the interpretation and quality control technology required in Veritas' new non-exclusive 3D prestack depth migration program in the deep water Gulf of Mexico.

"From data processing through reconnaissance to production, the ability to display and interpret huge volumes of data in a collaborative setting allow better decision making in a more timely manner," says Bowering. "That is the real value that Veritas is offering to its clients."

Veritas DGC Inc., headquartered in Houston, is a leading provider of land, transition zone, and marine-based seismic data acquisition, seismic data processing, and multi-client data sales to the petroleum industry. Veritas DGC operates seven divisions in selected markets worldwide and, based on revenue, is the fifth-largest geophysical services provider.