News | November 14, 2016

VTScada Software Provides A Path To Standardization For A Major Canadian Oil Producer


Trihedral Engineering Limited, in conjunction with BettsM Controls Incorporated are pleased to announce the implementation of an Enterprise SCADA software licensing agreement for the use of Trihedral’s VTScada software with a Major Canadian Oil and Gas exploration and production company.

A Culture of Innovation
The company is one of the largest independent crude oil and natural gas producers in the world and continually targets cost effective alternatives to develop a portfolio of projects and to deliver a defined growth plan, thereby creating value for shareholders.

The Road to a Standardized SCADA Platform
The objective of the Enterprise SCADA software agreement is to enable the company to achieve greater efficiency in its operations while continuing to deliver value.

The company has approximately 180 SCADA systems of various sizes and ages that were acquired through a combination of growth and corporate acquisitions. While there is recognized value in amalgamation and standardization, the on-going cost for the integration and replacement of these vital and aging systems has been prohibitive for all but the most critical.

VTScada Software From Trihedral
VTScada software will become the foundation for a standardized deployment. The result will be cost reductions in the replacement, amalgamation and operations of these systems that have not previously been possible with other solutions.

In addition to the reduction in capital costs, the company will realize savings and greater efficiencies through the consolidation of multiple SCADA software license agreements, centralization of fault-tolerant historians for better operation visibility, substantially improved system robustness, reduction in current bandwidth requirements and training cost reductions.

Commented Sam Lau, a SCADA Specialist for the company, “After an extensive evaluation process looking at software, vendors, integrators, architecture, technology, our future needs and how it all fits together for the objectives of the company, we chose VTScada.” For more information, visit and

Source: VTScada