Case Study

Water Alternating Gas Injection System Requires Compact Flow Measurement Solution

Source: McCrometer, Inc.

A major oil/gas producer in the Southeastern US needed to implement enhanced oil recovery (EOR) technology to boost production in a mature oil field. For the past 25 years the company had been using water-flooding, but this technology was no longer providing the desired output. The field’s first well had been drilled in 1942.

The oil/gas company’s process engineers decided to implement a Water Alternating Gas (WAG) system to boost production by adding carbon dioxide (CO2) gas. WAG injection systems help recover the oil in mature reservoirs, which have been in production for many years.

Using WAG technology, significantly more oil is recovered by alternately injecting carbon dioxide (CO2) gas with water. The CO2 gas helps mobilize the remaining oil, while injecting water displaces the remaining oil and gas.