Water Treatment for Injection/Re-injection

Source: Siemens Energy, Inc. - Water Solutions

Meeting water quality specifications for injection or reinjection is essential for protecting the permeability of a reservoir.

It is also necessary for developing the water drive required for enhanced oil recovery, and subsequently for increased production of our environment.

Water injection or reinjection of produced water improves the recoverable reserves from a reservoir by establishing an external water drive and by maintaining reservoir pressure. The process can often double the recoverable reserves.

To achieve this level of production performance, special attention must be given to the injection water quality. The injection water must be devoid of oxygen that will cause corrosion of the injection well piping, and particles that will cause plugging of the reservoir.

Whatever your water for injection or reinjection needs, we have the experience and technologies to meet your water quality requirements, enhance oil production and protect your reservoir. We have supplied water injection process systems for onshore installations and for fixed and floating facilities offshore. We are treating well water, river water, sea water and produced water for injection or reinjection