News | April 8, 1999

Weatherford Acquisitions Add ECD Northwest & Austoil Technology

Source: Weatherford International
Weatherford Internationalmpany%> has announced two major acquisitions that enhance its capabilities, ECD Northwest from Clearwater, Inc., a leading provider of underbalanced drilling services, and Austoil Technology Ltd., from the New Zealand Austoil Group.

ECD brings with it a full range of compressible fluid drilling systems, including air/gas, mist, aerated fluid and foam. The company owns patented foam technology with proprietary chemistry for optimal shale and corrosion control in underbalanced modes. ECD also markets hydraulic software for multiphase flow and data acquisition capabilities.

Acquisition of ECD Northwest expands Weatherford's capabilities in underbalanced drilling and complements Weatherford's rotating blowout preventers and high temperature motor technologies to offer a complete underbalanced system. The acquisition is also synergistic with Weatherford's growing capabilities and tools in re-entry, thru-tubing and completion systems, more particularly, liner hangers and inflatable packer systems.

Weatherford's acquisition of Austoil Technology adds proprietary extended reach drilling products to the Weatherford production enhancement offerings. The company is a developer of products for extended reach and long horizontal section drilling applications. The acquisition provides Weatherford with patented mechanical friction reduction technology, including roller-based tools that reduce drag and torque in rotary drilling, coil tubing drilling, cementing, and sand screen applications. The unique Austoil roller technology significantly augments Weatherford's extensive offering of products that are critical for successful extended reach and horizontal applications. Austoil products have been used extensively in the North Sea and are recognized for their ability to significantly reduce torque and drag in these types of reservoirs.

Houston-based Weatherford International, Inc. is one of the largest global providers of engineered products and services to the drilling and production segments of the oil and gas industry.