Article | December 17, 2018

Why Wait For Tube Failures?

Source: CTI Industries
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Why Wait For Tube Failures?

Being a leader in the worldwide heat exchanger repair business for almost 40 years, you tend to notice trends that happen from time to time. One trend that is occurring more frequently of late is the vintage of the exchangers that are in need of repair. In the past few years there has been an increase of premature tube failures on heat exchangers that are only a couple years old.

One way to eliminate the possibility of a short heat exchanger life span is to front-end load the engineering to include one of CTI’s tube sleeving technologies, Full Length Tube Liners™ or tube end Shield/ Seals™ — thin-walled metallic tube inserts that are expanded into the tube ends. The ability to ensure a long life cycle should take place well before the new equipment arrives on site. The economic impact of additional costs on manufacturing equipment, versus the potential lost revenue of a forced shutdown are worth exploring.

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