Wireline Dual Hydraulic BOP

Source: Vanoil Equipment Incorporated

Wireline Dual Hydraulic BOP
The wireline valve (BOP) is designed to provide a positive seal around slickline or cable
Surface Pressure Equipment - Wireline

Wireline Valves (BOP) - Hydraulic

The wireline valve (BOP) is designed to provide a positive seal around slickline or cable. This allows work to be performed under pressure, on surface equipment, when the line is still in the wellbore. The wireline valve is placed between the wellhead and lubricator asembly.

The wireline valve closure design consists of an hydraulic actuator assembly connected to each of the two ram assemblies. This permits hydraulic compression of the rams around the line from opposite sides. A seal is then made which contains well pressure below the rams. Pressure across the rams is equalized through an integral equalizer assembly prior to hyraulically retracting the rams and opening the valve. Manual overides are available to operate the rams in case of hydraulic failure.

Wireline valves are available in nominal sizes from 2 1/2" to 7 1/16" with working pressure ratings from 5000 PSI to 15000 PSI, for standard and sour environments. Both single and dual ram configurations have optional ram assembly types.

Vanoil wireline valves also incorporate an optional seal-o-matic seal design between the body and union connections. This dual seal design consists of a metal-to-metal primary seal between body and union with a secondary O-Ring seal located behind the primary seal.

Special Features
- dual ram wireline valve available with grease injection port betwwen upper and lower ram assemblies
- available with Type H, Type B, flanged or client specified connections.
- available with optional seal-o-matic connections
- optional ram configurations
- hydraulically operated with any hydraulic source capable of providing hydraulic pressure required
- manual override available in case of hydraulic failure

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