The Commercial & Industrial Energy Management & Sustainable Efficiency Forum
December 7 - 8, 2017 - Berlin CZ

Oil Professional Events
Phone: +420777682120

Commercial & Industrial Energy Management & Efficiency Forum Berlin 7-8 December2017 Utilities around the world are under increasing pressure to accommodate energy efficiency, control load, and integrate distributed energy resources such as renewables. These factors plus a changing regulatory environment are driving new requirements for network resiliency, flexibility, and power quality -- all of which impact the traditional utility business case. For utilities to thrive in this changing market, they must embrace greater network agility and work with customers to maximize value for all stakeholders in the value chain. In a deregulated market, purchasing energy at the best price can be a complex endeavor. It’s not enough just to issue a Request for Proposal and choose what may appear to be the lowest price Instead of only using contract expiration dates and fiscal calendars to drive energy procurement, we closely monitor market dynamics to identify the best possible time to initiate a purchase. By taking this calculated approach to energy procurement, we can reduce unwanted exposure to price volatility and secure energy prices that fit your budget and business objectives.

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