Intelligent Pigging & Routine Mechanical Cleaning of Offshore & Onshore Pipelines
November 20 - 22, 2017 - Dubai SG

T.U.N International
Phone: +65 6376 3177
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This intensive three-day foundation level course covers Pigging of pipelines whether it is for cleaning purposes or for defect identification/assessment is vital to ensure that the integrity and reliability of pipelines is effectively managed throughout the entire life cycle from design through decommissioning. This course will provide participants with the fundamental and principles of pipeline pigging, conditioning, and processing from the production to process facilities, or from the process facilities to the final distribution and then to the consumption end user. The participants will learn what the scrubbers are, why the pigging is needed, and how the traditional pigging operations are performed. Participants will learn how to design and operate the typical pigging equipment and processes through daily exercises.

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