Argus Petrochemical Asia 2017
August 15 - 17, 2017 - Singapore SG

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Argus Petrochemical Asia 2017 15-17 August, Singapore Day 1 – MTBE and Methanol Conference Day 2 – Petrochemical Training Day 3 – Aromatics Conference Conference overview: Network and Engage with Industry Experts Attendees will discuss market developments in the aromatics sector on day one, sit together to dissect and study each important element of the petrochemicals value chain on day two and explore the hype of MTBE and methanol on day three. The event will also provide you with an unbeatable platform for networking, while offering a way to generate new business contacts or ideas through the power of information sharing with experts and decision makers in the various industries. Key Highlights: Day 1 - MTBE Methanol (August 15) • Surging MTO capacity: Will there be enough methanol? • Asian gasoline demand and specification changes impact on MTBE markets • New methanol and MTBE investment challenges and opportunities Day 2 - Petrochemical Training (August 16) • Petrochemical fundamentals: Value chain, jargon, chemical compounds and hydrocarbons • Influence of feedstock on chemical production and interaction of petrochemicals with oil, gas and energy • Price dynamics: Exploring factors affecting petrochemical price trends and forecasts • Regional trade patterns, supply, demand and refinery methods Aromatics (August 17) • PX Margins: How long and how much will PTA demand hold up? • China is heading to be the world’s largest importer of benzene: How will trade flows change? • Styrene: New capacity developments and the impact on margins Venue: Singapore Contact details: Josephine Pulvera - or call 65 64969899 Event website:

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