9th Annual Global EPC Project Management Summit London 2021

September 29, 2021 - October 1, 2021 - AE

OPEX Group


'BUCK THE TREND: EPC Projects in the era of global pandemic. Practical guide to approach your EPC Project during and after the COVID-19,, The current global pandemic situation has dire consequences for the energy & natural resources sector, including on energy and petrochemical development projects and revamp / refurbishment projects across the sub-systems in the energy & natural resources plethora. The majority of such projects are usually governed by so-called Engineering, Procurement and Construction (“EPC”) Contracts, which often follow international templates prepared by international organizations such as the International Federation of Consulting Engineers (“FIDIC”)[1]. The FIDIC model agreements contain specific provisions that may be relevant when reviewing the impact of the COVID-19 crisis on your EPC project, which we have looked at based on the standard provisions of the 2017 Silver Book template. Energy sector and petrochemical development projects are complex and typically involve longer-term commitments from both the Project Owner (in the FIDIC terminology: the Employer) and the EPC Contractor, requiring a substantial period of time to bring such projects to completion, often in the range of 12 – 24 months or more. Needless to say, larger-scale energy sector EPC projects are very often of also high-value, in the several hundreds of millions of euros or dollars range, with high stakes for both the Project Owners and the EPC Contractors. As a consequence, the full scale of risks and exposures stemming from the global pandemic situation can hardly be predicted. 2021 Summit will address practical case study and lesons leared including: What impacts the Parties can identify to the works falling under the scope of the EPC Contract; To what extent the project implementation schedule (including in particular the milestones and the final completion date), the procurement plan and the transportation study have to be revisited and, possibly, amended; The Contractual Sandwich Case—Managing Vertical Integration Through Contracts Implement digital use cases that promote collaboration The role of effective relationship management in successful large oil and gas projects Monitoring Negotiations to Mitigate Risk in Multiple Party Contracts The Contractual Sandwich Case—Managing Vertical Integration Through Contracts Implement digital use cases that promote collaboration Leadership challenges and workforce management strategies Leadership importance in a crisis: Responding to the corona-virus outbreak and future crises. Workforce Strategies for Post-COVID Recovery Project Execution Set-up: Aiming for the high value success The Project Manager of the Future, Digital Transformation at the Project Manager Level Applying case analysis to determine a project’s strengths, weakness and possible failure factor Mitigating the risk of delays in power plant projects: An EPC contractor’s view on different contractual concepts For more details or to register please visit www.opexpm.com

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