SPE Workshop: Complex Reservoir Fluids | 23-25 March | Copenhagen, Denmark

March 23 - 25, 2021 - DK

Society of Petroleum Engineers


The oil industry has entered a new phase after being exposed to lower oil prices in 2014 with the expectations of "lower and longer". This impacted many new developments with respect to pre-2014 times. As a reaction to such an environment, the industry shifted gears in various dimensions, like more constrained/disciplined capital-spending, digitalisation and continued increasing of unconventional oil production. Naturally, this had implications in technology development and research applications. Some of the key elements to be covered, but not limited, to the following: - Why do we need the data or computations or "gold-plated" approaches? - The test question: if it was your money would you do it (ask for experiments or extra computations that may be perceived to be not necessary)? - What PVT means in terms of recovery optimisation and flow assurance - What are the main obstacles for new technologies and their deployment? - Why is unconventional PVT different? And does it matter? - To what extent reservoir fluid evaluation can contribute to the field development plan? - Digitalisation and new approaches - where are we today and what will be the next?

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