Argus Southern Cone Power and Gas Conference

June 11 - 12, 2019 - Cerqueira César CA US

Argus Media, Inc.
Phone:+1 713 360 7566

Expanding on the success of our Latin America LNG Summit, the Argus Southern Cone Power and Gas Conference will dive deep into power demand generation in the region and how it will affect natural gas demand from local sources and, in turn, LNG imports. The expanded scope will bring together the entire supply chain for natural gas, LNG and power generation in the region and will offer the opportunity to hear from industry experts and network with major power utilities companies. Get actionable insight into: - Power: The shifting landscape of power generation, government energy policies, incentives and power tariffs and renegotiation of regional power trading. - Natural gas: The effect of renewables on natural gas demand, prominent gas projects, planned infrastructure improvements and the changes in regional gas trading. - LNG: The future of LNG in the region, Argentina's shift towards export and planned liquification terminals and how renewables will affect LNG demand.

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