PetroSync - Drilling Problems & Drilling Optimization

July 5 - 9, 2021 - SG

PetroSync Global Pte Ltd

Having successful oil and gas drilling operation requires knowledge of numerous factors. It is not just increasing the penetration rates, but also minimizing the downtime caused by drilling problems that could enhance the overall perfomance of the well. This course introduces various types of problems that could be encountered during drilling and workover operations and result in non-productive and very costly drilling down time as well as the possible means for reduction of this time throughout adequate definition and monitoring of KPI’s, data management, quantifying uncertainties in the subsurface conditions, risk assessment and use of modern drilling technologies and trends. Moreover, the course provides better understanding, enhance knowledge and strengthen the decision-making capability of the participants to enhance the well perfomance throughout presentations, case studies, group discussions and exercise as well as practical videos of actual cases.

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