Petroleum Industry Fundamentals

March 26 - 27, 2020 - NE US


Join DTN Institute for Refining 101, a non-technical, two-day comprehensive course covering the basics of petroleum refining, the variety of processes used, and the overall impact on global marketplaces. The refinery is at the center of the petroleum industry, linking all upstream and downstream activities. Understanding how it works and the ways it impacts every corner of the industry is essential. You'll learn about: - How the refinery fits into the overall petroleum industry - The economic drivers that determine refinery profitability - ASTM product standards - Refinery types and complexity - Petroleum chemistry (to the extent needed to understand the units) - Methods of separation - especially atmospheric and vacuum distillation - Decomposition (cracking) by both thermal and catalytic means - Unification and alteration - Chemical treatment (including hydrotreating) and product blending - The importance and cost of turnarounds

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