Oil & Gas Council, Africa Assembly, Paris 2020

September 22 - 23, 2020 - FR

Clarion Energy Limited


THE MOST INFLUENTIAL AFRICAN OIL & GAS FINANCE & INVESTMENT PLATFORM Why Attend? The Africa Assembly brings together financiers and investors with the African Oil & Gas industry leaders. In 2019, the African oil and gas sector entered a dynamic growth phase fuelled by major discoveries and rising investor appetite. This year the Africa Assembly comes at a crucial time to capitalise on this renewed interest in the African oil and gas industry with 2020 set to be a significant turning point for the region. The Africa Assembly provides you with the opportunity to: > Sharpen your business strategy > Solidify your competitive position in the African industry > Grow your regional senior network Key topics for 2020 include: > Raising Capital for African E&P Projects – Understanding Opportunities in a Changing Global Landscape > What Does a Low Carbon Future Mean for African Investment? > Drilling Activities & High-Potential Discoveries – The Future of African E&P > Local Content in Action – Success Stories from Across the Continent > Large LNG Projects vs. Domestic Commercialisation – Diversifying Downstream Uses for Emerging Gas Markets > Assessing Lenders Commitment to African E&P Projects: Exploring Below & Above Ground Risks for Capital Intensive Projects The 2019 gathering brought +400 attendees, including 60 speakers to Paris, to ensure that the audience: Heard from the continent’s key players responsible for moving industry-changing projects forward and Gained in-depth industry knowledge and expert market insights.

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