4th Virtual Small Scale LNG Summit

February 3 - 4, 2021 - GB

Wisdom Events


Governments around the world are turning towards liquified natural gas LNG as they are recognizing the many advantages LNG beholds from reducing CO2 emissions, improving air quality, to making transportation easier and accessible. In April 2020 during the outbreak of COVID19, many buyers around the world were surveyed to understand how their needs and attitudes would change and adapt to the current market oversupply and their responses were surprising. The future of LNG remains as strong, especially for medium to long-term demands and expectations. Therefore as projected the world will be seeing significant growth in the 10 years coming. Europe among other regions will experience a faster growth marking an LNG market valued by around 5.8 million Euros by 2030 with two vital segments leading the LNG market; road transport fuel and the marine fuel. This is a challenging and exciting time to be part of the LNG industry to witness its opportunities of growth and developments that governments, world leaders, and businesses are gripping on to embark on new projects and investments.

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