SPE Workshop: Digitalisation: Disruption or Evolution?

July 9 - 11, 2019 - Bengaluru IN

The Society of Petroleum Engineers


Digitalisation has started to transform the oil and gas industry. Participants will share their experiences, successes, as well as challenges and failures in applying digital technologies. The focus will be two-fold: firstly, to showcase existing examples of digitalisation that have changed the way we solve business challenges, the way we work, and the way we extract productivity efficiencies. Secondly, as we enter this new exciting digital era, highlight the two bookends of implementing a digitalisation strategy: disruption and evolution. Some companies choose to disrupt the company culture at its core, whilst others choose to adapt a more gradual and evolutionary approach of a new technology. Both ultimately moving to the digital oil and gas company of the future.... which approach has more wisdom, and which will add more ultimate value? Participants will develop a shared perspective of where digitalisation has added value and where it is heading. This is not simply about applying a new technology, but is about changing the mind-set and company culture, along with building capabilities. The workshop programme will also include a Hackathon where we will witness the outcome of teams competing to digitally solve an industry challenge. WHO SHOULD ATTEND >> Millennial creative professionals who passionately aspire to change the world as well as professionals from the E&P and digital technology space >> Digitalisation domain professionals including data scientists, advanced analytics professionals, machine learning specialists, digital security professionals, IP professionals, etc. >> Technology companies including service providers, consulting firms, digital start-ups, etc.

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