Offshore & Floating Wind Europe 2022

November 2 - 3, 2022 - GB

Reuters Events

With Europe’s focus set on stabilising energy security and accelerating independence, all eyes are on renewable energy to save the day. Fixed and floating offshore wind technologies have the capability to be Europe’s hero, but what is the key to unlocking this industry’s immense potential. European governments have set the mammoth target of 450GW of offshore wind by 2050, so a monumental effort is needed to unleash new development opportunities, innovate, and adopt technologies, and create strategies to build out a supply chain capable of reinforcing the incoming wave of projects. Returning for another exciting iteration, Reuters Events Offshore & Floating Wind Europe 2022 Conference and Exhibition will bring together experts from all corners of the European industry to break down the bottlenecks and strategize solutions to successfully innovate, commercialise, and implement floating wind, and amplify, advance, and proliferate fixed-bottom wind. Over 2 days and 2 tracks, attendees will leave with not only a strategic outlook of markets, upcoming tenders, contracts and project updates, but also a sense of what is truly possible for the future of this industry that’s garnering increasing global attention (and investment)! This years’ event will cover these five key themes and more: Supply Chain Expansion - With an expected 116GW of offshore wind energy is to be installed between 2022 and 2026, find out how to build an extensive, reliable, and affordable supply chain critical to support project roll-out. Technology and Innovation - With over 70 floating wind technologies, hydrogen energy storage solutions and offshore robust cabling innovations all entering the industry, hear from those developing, trialling, and finding a critical standard for these fresh technologies. Transmission and Grid Integration - €8 billion in investment is needed in grid expansion by 2030 to unleash offshore wind potential, engage in discussions with those at the forefront of these plans through the power of hybrid projects, grid integration and energy islands. Financing - The cost of producing offshore wind energy is on a steep decline, but commodity costs remain high and investment risk increasing, find out methods keep offshore wind profitable whilst pushing for European targets. Policies and Environmental Protection - With a colossal queue of fixed and floating projects to go through permitting, hear from regulatory bodies on how policies are being changed to foresight this fast-evolving market whilst sustaining its moral focus on environmental protection. Supply chain opportunities, future partnerships, and project planning – This is the place where it all happens for European offshore wind players. By bringing every stakeholder together in one place, we’re setting you up for success and creating networking opportunities which will lead to moments that will shape your OSW business. The event will provide you with the best platform to build commercial relationships and form partnerships leading to huge investments and supply chain contracts. Here is a growing list of exciting networking activities at OWEU22 ConfEx to help you build partnerships in the European offshore wind industry: - 300+ physical attendees: local, national, and international executives from across developers, asset owners, contractors, manufacturers, and many more for a 360 experience of European offshore wind leaders - 50+speakers: high level experts from all corners of the industry. No overload. Just all the information you need to grow your OSW business and make an impact in the European industry. - 2 tracks: two tracks of fixed- bottom and floating critical discussions, along with industry hitting plenary panels and presentations. - 12+ hours of networking time: high quality networking time with everyone who matters in offshore wind. Book meetings with our event app! - 1:1 networking: in our exhibition area and private meeting rooms, for the discussions that really matter.

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