Argentina Frac Sand Logistics 2019

June 24 - 25, 2019 - Buenos Aires AR

Argentina Frac Sand Logistics 2019 Exhibition and Conference
Fax:+12065820258 Frac sand market supply and demand forecasts Understand the key market drivers and supply forecasts with an update on volumes and specifications of frac sand required in key Argentinian shale plays New rail loading, offloading and transloading developments Optimise on the latest developments in transloading facilities and identify new offloading points to maximise efficiencies and profit margins across the supply chain. Rail infrastructure, storage points, and capacity Examine optimal locations and capacity of rail infrastructure and storage facilities across North America to provide efficient proppant supplies. When is it economical to store frac sand? Reducing transportation costs and pricing dynamics Learn how to minimize overall transportation costs and find work-around solutions to price differentials. How are others in the industry managing price volatilities? Trucking and last-mile transportation strategies Evaluate the available options of trucking frac sand directly to wellsite and overcome last-mile logistical challenges with cost reduction in mind. Multiple end user case studies and specification requirements Hear end users discuss their proppant quality requirements and implement strategies that others in the industry are using to manage constraints.

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