6th Annual Large Scale Solar Europe in Lisbon - March 2019

March 26 - 27, 2019 - Lisbon UK

Solar Media


As the first subsidy free solar projects begin to appear, Solar Media is preparing to mark the dawn of a new era of subsidy free business for Europe and with nearly 4GW of large scale solar in the UK’s pipeline alone, the time for subsidy free solar has arrived. Markets – where are the likely markets for the next post subsidy projects to take off? Equipment – what’s "under the bonnet" of post subsidy projects and how is technology supporting a downward cost-curve? How can developers avoid a dilemma that puts cost over quality? Energy pricing – forecast and actual across European markets and how to assess what these mean for your projects? Execution – where are developers bringing cost down, how they are negotiating with suppliers? Finance – who’s funding pipeline and what returns on investment are they expecting in this new era? Grid – how to maximise a grid connection with solar and storage as a discussion around ancillary services you can provide How can you increase the value of solar projects rather than just cutting costs? MIP – what next and what impact could other trade cases have on supply and cost of equipment

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