World Refining Association / Energy Council - ERTC North America, Mexico

March 30 - 31, 2020 - MX

Clarion Energy Limited

PROMOTING TECHNICAL INNOVATION IN THE NORTH AMERICAN DOWNSTREAM INDUSTRY With increasing pressures on efficiency and the role of refining in the energy transition, the information and assessment of new technology has never been more important. ERTC North America in conjunction with Pemex will showcase the latest developments in refineries across Mexico and North America and put a spotlight on the latest technologies available to assist the industry promoting knowledge sharing and networking. Highlights: - Presentations by Leonardo Cornejo Serrano (Projects Director) and Olga Marta Monterrubio Chavolla (Engineering Director) from Pemex showcasing the latest developments at the Dos Bocas refinery project - Panel discussion addressing pertinent industry challenges and exploring key strategic priorities for downstream in the region - Interactive panel of leading technical suppliers to the region - highlighting their focus and what is around the corner - A series of technology showcases from the biggest suppliers in the industry - An interactive workshop day focusing on the latest licensed technology

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