Argus Green Marine Fuels Conference

May 23 - 25, 2023 - NL

Argus Media
Phone:+44 020 3923 0741

The key question facing the shipping industry: how to accelerate decarbonisation of the shipping industry? The Argus Green Marine Fuels Conference returns in May 2023 in the Netherlands to offer you high impact networking opportunities with senior industry stakeholders, and insights into key developments that are shaping the shipping industry, including IMO, EU regulation and more. Hear from senior industry leaders across the methanol, ammonia, hydrogen, LNG, and biofuels sectors, alongside key regulators, governments and ship owners and discover their views of how the marine fuel matrix of the future is shaping up. Agenda highlights: - EU fit for 55 - How will the EU ETS, FuelEU Maritime and other EU legislation influence the shipping industry moving forward? - Alternative pathways - Where will the first fuel supply chains be established and what is needed to advance these alternative fuels? - Shipowner's perspective - What fuels are shipowners selecting and why? - Green corridors - How can we implement green corridors to accelerate the industry's path towards a greener future? - Engineering solutions - How can we build more resourceful engine and ship designs that would enable improved utilization of energy?

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