Latest Headlines

  1. Novel On-Site Shale Produced Water Volume Reduction: Pilot Success!

    A new shale produced water volume reduction solution was successfully demonstrated in a live shale field. Comtech Industries and Saltworks partnered to deliver the innovation.

  2. U.S. Natural Gas Partnership Releases First Annual Report

    The Environmental Partnership, an initiative of America’s natural gas and oil producers, recently released its first annual report which highlights the industry’s progress in reducing emissions of methane and volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

  3. Can We Reuse Polluted Water? Yes, Add Bacteria

    Drilling a single oil or natural gas well with hydraulic fracturing requires between 1.5 to 16 million gallons of water. When the well starts flowing, the fluid that is brought back to the surface alongside the oil and gas is a combination of the injected fluid and brine from aquifers – a difficult-to-treat mixture known as produced water.

  4. DeGette Introduces Legislation To Regulate Fracking Companies

    In an effort to better protect the nation’s water supply, U.S. Rep. Diana DeGette (D-CO) introduced legislation Thursday to close a notorious loophole in the law that has prevented the federal government from regulating a highly controversial drilling process known as “fracking.”

  5. Sensing And Energy And Utility Industry Veteran Bharat Vats Joins H2scan As Chief Growth Officer

    H2scan, a leading provider of proven, proprietary hydrogen sensors and technologies for utilities and industrial markets, recently announced Bharat Vats as Chief Growth Officer, overseeing market expansion of H2scan’s hydrogen gas sensor.

  6. New Industrial Contract For Veolia In The Middle East

    Kuwait Integrated Petroleum Industries Company (KIPIC) has awarded Veolia - via its Veolia Middle East subsidiary - the contract for the operation and maintenance of its refinery wastewater treatment plant in Al Zour in southern Kuwait.

  7. ELA Container Offshore Wins EU Tender On Accommodation Containers

    ELA Container Offshore GmbH is proud to announce that they will continue the cooperation with TenneT.

  8. Kuwait: Veolia Will Treat Wastewater From The KIPIC Refinery In Al Zour, With A Goal Of ‘Zero Liquid Discharge’ (ZLD)

    The Al Zour refinery - one of the largest petrochemical complexes in the world - will be able to produce up to 615,000 barrels per day once commissioned, bringing Kuwait's refining capacity to over 1.5 million barrels a day.

  9. Noble Energy Chooses Tenaris For Alen Gas Project In Equatorial Guinea

    Tenaris was awarded the offshore export pipeline for the Alen Gas Monetization Project in Equatorial Guinea, a key component of Noble Energy’s growth strategy in West Africa.

  10. Announcing The EnergyIQ TGS Data Loader

    EnergyIQ, the leader in data management solutions for the oil and gas industry, recently announced a new product, the EnergyIQ TGS Data Loader, developed in collaboration with TGS.