1. CTI Industries Condenser Sleeving Work Using CTI Shield/Seals™

    CTI has been called on numerous times over the last two decades to install the CTI Shield/Seal, a thin-walled metallic tube insert made of highly durable alloys. This document lists some of the companies we’ve worked with and helped over the years.

  2. CTI Full Length Tube Liner Installations

    CTI has been called on numerous times over the last decade to install its patented tube liner. This document lists some of the companies we’ve been fortunate enough to help with completed condenser and heat exchanger tube repairs.

  3. Level Measurement Devices

    With the knowledge that no single technology can address the needs of all industrial applications, Siemens provides a complete range of level measurement devices. All backed by our global support network, providing experienced sales and technical assistance when and where you need it.

  4. Process Instrumentation, Process Analytics, Weighing Technology – The One-Stop Shop

    High-quality processes are crucial in the process industry. Only then do you get the required results. And it is only then that plants work efficiently and therefore productively.

  5. SITRANS FC Coriolis Mass Flowmeter Brochure

    From the smallest dose of chemicals to the massive quantities of bunker fuel pumped into a cargo ship, the Siemens Coriolis flowmeter portfolio harnesses the power of digital signal processing to bring you market-leading accuracy, a best-in-class update rate and unmatched customization flexibility for applications of every size and scope.

  6. Complete Flow Solutions: The Right Flow Instrument For Every Application

    Industry 4.0 stands poised to benefit your operations in enormous ways. With unparalleled control and access, you now have complete knowledge of what’s happening in your plant at all times.

  7. SITRANS F M Electromagnetic Flowmeters Brochure

    The SITRANS F M electromagnetic flowmeter program makes it easier for you to manage flow. From installation to overseeing operations and verifying continuous accuracy, customers rely on SITRANS F M to improve the entire value chain of activities.

  8. Improve Safety And Reduce Cost With Remote Tank Monitoring

    Siemens offers digital solutions for tank monitoring and other process variables in the upstream market. Manual tank monitoring is time consuming due to the long distances between sites and the time needed for manual measurements. Additionally, opening the hatch on the tanks presents a safety hazard to operators. Our remote tank monitoring solutions are fully customizable to meet your needs, including our Mindsphere app designed to put real-time tank data directly in the hands of operators in the field and management in central monitoring stations. Siemens MindSphere cloud platform and industrial wireless communications technology combined with our extensive line of instrumentation improves asset management which reduces cost and improves safety.

  9. Improve Tail Gas Process Control Using Real Time Hydrogen Monitoring

    Measuring the hydrogen content in the gas exiting the reactor and quench tower is widely recognized as the primary way to ensure stable operation of the tail gas treating process. A second measurement location after the absorber is typically used to monitor the amine treatment section. The sample stream usually consists of approximately 3% H2 and 1 – 3% H2S, with ~10% CO2, ~10% water vapor, and the balance consisting of N2 plus various hydrocarbons and other compounds.

  10. Tank Monitoring Challenges Solved With Radar Level Transmitters

    An electrical contractor in the Upper Midwest United States provides oilfield tank monitoring for several oil companies. They supply level measurement and control in nearly 400 barrel tanks containing crude oil and/or produced salt water.