Imaging News

  1. Honeywell Industrial Security System To Help Protect Woodside's LNG Plant
    Honeywell recently announced it has been selected to help protect Woodside's Pluto onshore liquefied natural gas (LNG) plant with a sophisticated industrial security system
  2. Next Generation Laser Methane Detector With ATEX Approval Weighs Just 600g
    Crowcon Detection Instruments has extended its agreement with the technology development arm of a major Japanese gas utility to offer the new LaserMethane mini methane leak detector throughout North America
  3. Small Sensor Company Grows With Big Technology
    Since the early days of natural gas pipelines, processing and petrochemical refining, measuring contaminants in a line was a problem the industry could deal with at a snail’s pace. That all changed when computers started running things
  4. MIT's 'Electronic Nose' Could Detect Hazards
    A tiny "electronic nose" that MIT researchers have engineered with a novel inkjet printing method could be used to detect hazards including carbon monoxide, harmful industrial solvents and explosives
  5. Aspectrics Showcases New Innovative Biofuels Analyzers At Biodiesel Expo 2007
    Aspectrics, Inc., the innovator of patented Encoded Photometric Infrared (EP-NIR) and Encoded Photometric Near Infrared (EP-NIR) spectroscopy, will be unveiling the novel EP-NIR 2750 and the innovative EP-NIR 2750i biofuels analyzers
  6. Sensor Measures Strain And Temperature Variations In Optical Fibers
    The new DSTS sensor from OZ Optics is now available from AMS Technologies throughout Europe. The DSTS sensor is a fiberoptic distributed strain and temperature sensor suitable for monitoring large structures including oil & gas pipelines, bridges, dams and power lines
  7. MICROPACK Announces New Generation Visual Flame Detector
    MICROPACK, globally recognized experts in hazard detection technologies and innovators in the design and manufacture of optical flame detectors, announces the launch of their new 3rd generation Visual Flame Detector, Model FDS-301
  8. New Screening Method To Help Find Better Biofuel Crops
    Skyrocketing gasoline prices and growing concern over global warming has spawned massive growth of the biofuel industry, particularly ethanol production. While corn has been the major raw material for producing ethanol, producers are looking for other more cost effective and sustainable crops
  9. Aspectrics Innovative EP-NIR Analyzer Provides Exact Measurements Of Biodiesel In B0- B100 Blends
    Aspectrics, Inc., the innovator of patented Encoded Photometric Near Infrared (EP-NIR) spectroscopy technology, announced the availability of an application note demonstrating the ability of its MultiComponent 2750 EP-NIR analyzer to provide accurate measurements of biodiesel in B0 to B100 diesel blends